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How can we make grammar instruction more motivating for learners at higher levels?

4th November 2017 from 2pm - 5:30pm

Alte Feuerwache Melchiorstr 3 50670 Cologne

Kleine Forum

Few of the students in our classes here in Germany are beginners any more. Many of them have had at least eight years of English instruction at school and plenty of exposure to the target language thanks to modern technology and media. However, these students often demonstrate fossilised errors in productive language activities, and it can be a real challenge to make grammar interesting for them when they have already had the same grammar points presented to them on multiple occasions over the years. In this workshop, we’ll be exploring alternative ways of looking at grammar in the classroom, focusing mainly on the process approach as opposed to the product approach. Participants will gain an insight into collaborative classroom activities such as Grammaticisation and Dictogloss and will leave with fresh ideas to take into the classroom on Monday morning!

Sarah Leek sml.png

About the speaker

Sarah Leek has worked in ELT for almost 10 years in Germany and the UK. Having completed Delta and the IH Director of Studies certificate, she is currently venturing into the world of teacher training and teacher development. In the classroom, she is always looking for ways to bring coursebook material to life, making it more meaningful, memorable and challenging for students who have ‘seen it all before’.

Sarah is currently working at RWTH Aachen University, where she teaches academic, business and technical English.

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