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ELTA Rhine Swap Shop 2018

-of members, by members & for members

15th Septmeber 2018 from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Alte Feuerwache

Melchiorstraße 3 50670 Cologne

Großes Forum

Swap Shop?

Our 2018 Swap Shop presents an opportunity that rarely presents itself in our work life which often sees us passing by each other as ships in the night. So, if you’ve ever found yourself wishing you’d had more time to talk and network at our events, if you’re interested in adding some new tools to your toolbox, or if you are interested in finding out more about the experiences of your colleges, then this is the workshop for you.

Our Swap shop will focus solely on ourselves as teachers and on our own work. In an informal, relaxed setting we will exchange ideas about approaches, techniques, and materials. We will compare accounts from the field, solicit advice, and offer practical tips practical tips. We will share and compare experiences, listen openly and actively. As such, the aim is to create a supportive staffroom dynamic that will leave us feeling amused, inspired, and affirmed.

The plan

In order to impose method to potential madness, 3 fluid groups will take turns participating in guided discussions which are each dedicated to a certain topic. Of course, there will plenty of time and opportunity for coffee and refreshments! We will also implement google docs to record the proceedings of each discussion round. This work product will help us to recap the small group discussions in a whole group setting, while providing a valuable protocol to make available for all in our Yahoo group.

The discussion topics will concentrate on the upper level communication skills that are increasingly crowding out the language – oriented syllabuses. Therefore, the proposed topics with sample discussion questions include:

Advanced Grammar

Which grammar points are most useful to handle with respect to learner utility, e.g. past tenses in recounting past events, three-part phrasal verbs?

What is a good way of introducing, e.g. context, mode of input; practicing; producing the point?

Fluent Speaking

What is your understanding of fluent speaking?

What kind of strategies do you find useful in helping your students speak more fluently?

Share a lesson of yours that teaches a feature of fluency such as lexical chunking or discourse markers. What are the lesson’s strengths and weaknesses?

Dogme / Materials Light Training

Where are you in your journey towards materials light training?

Dogme and materials light training is all about tapping into the students’ experience. What does that look like in your classroom?

Note: There is a good deal of freedom implied in our guided discussion tasks. Anything related to the topic is game.

Come prepared

On the day, please come prepared to contribute in some way. In addition to questions and opinions, ideally each of us will come armed with a sample lesson or other material to show how it is applied and the objectives it serves. Digital materials welcome!!

We will need Laptops on the day – yours if you are showing digital material. We will also be using them to record the work product of our discussions. At least, we will need about 5 Laptops, so not everybody is required to bring theirs.

We see much potential in the gathering of diverse ELT professionals, ranging from new, young talent, to seasoned teachers, to Directors of Study, as spanning the range of tertiary and adult ELT contexts. This is our day to share and learn.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Signing off in great anticipation,

Suzanne & Ivana

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Last update: 23 July 2018

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