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Members‘ Day 2017

Saturday, 24 June 2017

1.00 to 6.00 pm

Großes Forum, Bürgerzentrum “Alte Feuerwache”

Melchiorstr 3, 50670 Köln

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This year we are introducing a special type of event that shines the spotlight on our members and the contributions they have made to our organization and profession. This year's line-up offers a diverse sampling of the talents and interests represented in our membership. As a bonus, we are also staging a EFL book swap. Read on for details!

Session 1

1:00 - 3:00

Marketing Communications: Branding

Erica Williams

Literature on English for Specific Purposes states that ESP courses should be based on using vocabulary and tasks that focus on meeting professional learners’ specific needs. Authentic materials that prompt relevant discussions build a foundation on which trainees/students are able to complete meaningful tasks. Such tasks are key for both in-work professionals and tertiary level students who aim to utilise what they have learnt in English in a specific field of work.

The topic of Branding is an interesting starting point for those teaching, or intending to teach, in the Marketing Communications industry as branding supports and determines the effectiveness of marketing communications. Relevance and meaningfulness are concepts that specialists in marketing communications apply to branding as they strive to create brands that forge trustworthy relationships with consumers. In this talk, I will explore branding as an ESP topic so that we, in turn, can teach in a way that is both meaningful and relevant for professionals or future professionals in the Marketing Communications industry.

About the Speaker

Erica-book pic sml.jpg

Erica J Williams is author of “Presentations in English: Find Your Voice” (2008) and “Marketing Communications in English” (2016). A long-standing member of ELTA Rhine, she has had many years’ experience working as a trainer and coach for Business English. Her specialist interests today lie in teaching for marketing communications, ongoing research into the use of presentations as a communication tool and presentations training. She is currently employed in the Business Studies Faculty at the Hochschule in Düsseldorf (HSD) as a Business English specialist where she is responsible for the development of the English course and qualifications for B.A. Communications and Media. This talk is based on this specific course development as well as Erica’s 18 years’ experience working in the marketing communications industry, ranging from apprentice training to preparation of new business pitches at Board level in leading global agency networks.

Teaching as a Subversive Activity

James Chamberlain

Trainers of English offer a service in return for remuneration. But to what extent does the transactional nature of this relationship alter our roles as teachers and learners? Does turning English teaching into a commodity corrupt the educational ideals that should govern it?

In this interactive talk, we will explore together our self-understanding as teachers and the fact that we always transfer more than content to our learners. Using critical thinking skills, learning taxonomies, and humanistic methodologies helps us to become consciously aware of how the client/provider relationship affects our personal and social identities, our values and ideals, and the quality of the learning that takes place. Perhaps the best learning is achieved when we subvert the market context in which it takes place . . .

About the Speaker

IMG 2173 James Chamberlain sml.jpg

James R. Chamberlain has been an ELTA-Rhine member for nearly 20 years. He is currently the Director of the Language Centre at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. He has studied and taught in the US, UK, Israel, France and Germany. He has been teaching Business and General English since 1984 and intercultural skills since 1994 in both academic and corporate contexts.


Book Swap, Bites, & Bev

We invite our members to bring their gently used, unwanted ELT books to offer in our book swap. As such we hope to re-home titles that may have relevance for other members by way of a swap. The following rules apply.

- The swap is limited to ELT books.

- You are expected to take your unclaimed books home.

Special Performance by our ELTA Rhine Choir

Session 2

4:00 - 6:00

Transactional Analysis in Coaching

Karen Passmore

Who are you?

You are three people. You probably thought you were just one, but no, you are three. Inside each one of us is a Parent an Adult and a Child. These three people inside you are all very different and for you and me to understand ourselves and to understand why we do and say what we do at different times we need to become acquainted with these three people. Welcome to the world of Transactional Analysis (TA). In this short hands on workshop I will introduce you to Eric Berne and his theory of Egostates and uncover which state is the most constructive state between teacher and student.

About the Speaker

Karen karin sml.jpg

As a native Scot, Karen Passmore graduated in 1989 with a BEng in Electronic Engineering from Robert Gorden’s University , Aberdeen. Her TEFL career began shortly thereafter, when in the context of a gap year in Egypt. She has been in Germany since 1991, having moved to Munich where she worked as a Technical English Trainer and subsequently co-founded the English school, TARGET GbR. Since 2010 Karen has lived in Essen and works closely with Energy and Engineering Businesses and as a Freelance lecturer at universities in the Ruhr area. Karen is also in the second year of her MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Nottingham. In January 2015, Karen completed a two-year training as a Transactional Analysis coach and has implemented her knowledge into both her daily and working life.

Bookkeeping for the financially challenged

Lisa Olschewski

Learn the basics of bookkeeping and accounting – even if you consider yourself ‘financially challenged’.

Despite a burning passion for your business, you won’t succeed as an entrepreneur unless you keep your financial records in order. Learning simple bookkeeping and accounting principles will make the difference that will increase your company’s efficiency and profitability.

About the Speaker

Olschewski, Lisa 6482 sml.jpg

Lisa Olschewski, ELTA Rhine’s Treasurer & Membership Secretary has a degree in Economics from Binghamton University. In her role as treasurer she maintains our financial accounts and records and files our tax returns.

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Event dates in 2017

24 June Member's Day with Erica Williams, Karen Passmore, Lisa Olchewski and James Chamberlain; will feature a book swap

9 September OUP joint event with John Hughes

4 November Making grammar instruction more motivating for learners at higher levels with Sarah Leek

2 December Russel Stannard, Building blocks of a Cloud Classroom & Christmas Party 2017

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