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From the Committee

From the Chair...

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Dear members,

Welcome to the last edition of the ELTA-Rhine Newsletter in its current PDF format. 2011 has been an eventful year so far, and there's more still to come. The new website and HTML Newsletter will be launched in the coming months, along with a new corporate design...

Committee Information and News


Standing Behind the Short Wall

How Kay von Randow keeps her cool and rises above the challenges of the classroom

This 'teaching process' which we're involved in can be looked at from two distinct sides: what we the teachers, offer; and what our students assimilate and use...

Getting Teenagers Talking - Lesson ideas for a teenage conversation class

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While some teachers struggle to get their students to be quiet, Pat Schmitz is hoping to loosen their tongues

Opportunities and Threats

Kate Cowe looks at the some of the pitfalls of the EFL teaching business

When I left the UK one late November evening many years ago to come to Germany to experience “a year working abroad”, I received a card from a friend of mine saying “Happy Christmas – you’re very brave to go!” ...

The How-to Exam Section

Getting to Know the IELTS Exams

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System and is an internationally recognised language certificate. It was devised by the British Council, and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and the IDP (IELTS Australia). The exam tests all four language skills and the speaking test is a face-to-face recorded interview with an IELTS Examiner...

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Weird and Wonderful News from Science

Judith Ellis looks at unexpected research results

Hot Potato

Where ideas get passed on (hopefully) before you burn your fingers

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The Gender Divide

Judith Ellis, on not wanting to be a 'female' writer

Keeping Something Sacred

Corinn Lutz writes in response to Francis Martyn [Summer Edition]

The Native/Non-Native Debate

Kay von Randow writes in response to Francis Martyn [Summer Edition]

On the lighter side...

A Whole lot of Nothing

How to talk for a long time about absolutely nothing

Alex Chapman explores the use of hedges as an avoidance strategy

Past Events

The Tax Man

Speaker: Kai Nickel

An overview of the ELTA-Rhine July Event held on 16th July 2011


Kai Nickel gives us the low-down on dealing with finances in Germany

Members' Day

19 September 2011

The Art of … professionalising your language training business

Speakers: Christine Burgmer and Kerstin Brandes


Idea Slam

Speakers: various

The Sconestone Revealed

Upcoming Events

ELTA-Rhine Activities

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