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Sense and Sensitivity

Kay von Randow on rediscovering the senses, and using them to liven up our lessons

Dealing with difficult classes

Karina Kellermann asked for help and received it. Now she passes on the advice

The Hardest Step is the First One

Teaching a group of absolute beginners can be daunting for both students and teachers. Pat Schmitz takes us over the hurdle of the first few lessons.

(Mis) Adventures in Bilingualism: A Play in 3½ Acts

Elizabeth Hormann, on the drama of language learning

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The How-to Exam Section

Language at Work - The IHK English at the Workplace Exam

Uwe Stichert introduces an exam it pays to know about

Hot Potato

Taking Cover

Judith Ellis ponders the hidden gems and pitfalls in the minefield of replacement teaching

When Do You Let Go?

Kay von Randow on self-doubt and accepting human nature

Past Events

Making “real” articles accessible to English language learners

Karen Richardson on developing teaching materials

Who is afraid of the big G? Teaching grammar to adults

Marcus Koch shows us how to teach an old dog new tricks

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External Events: IATEFL Conference Glasgow 2012

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