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From the Committee

From the Chair...

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Dear Members,

So, here we are at the end of another year, which seems to have passed even faster than the last one. With the end of the year in sight, I wish to thank all of the people who have helped out with ELTA-Rhine in 2011. That includes the committee – an energetic group of people if ever I saw one – and the co-opted members, who've helped out no end over the year. But it also includes those of you who've turned up early at events and helped carry things, set up things, pack up things, and generally all you members who've been actively involved throughout the year. Our AGM is now approaching fast, and I extend an invitation to anyone who would like to become more closely involved in the running of ELTA-Rhine to get in touch with me. We have openings to join the committee and a range of sub-committees, and any number of tasks you could be involved in. Please contact me at if you would like to contribute in any way in 2012.

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2011 has been a very successful year for ELTA-Rhine, with our biggest project just now reaching fruition: the new corporate image, the new website, and the associated new Newsletter. The public area of the website is now up-and-running. There have been a few glitches, and there are still a few details to iron out, but the basic design, both visual and technical, is now finished. A big thank you to Emma, Cait and Judith for all their hard work on developing the concept and image, in conjunction with designer Barbara Sailer.

The closed Community section of the website is introduced to you today, with the publication of the Winter Edition of our Newsletter – as you click through the articles in this Newsletter, you will be taken into the Community area. The first article you click on will require you to log on, using the username and password which you have already organised, to gain access to the Community area of the website. As long as you stay logged on, you can move from article to article, back to the front page, etc., without difficulty. For those of you who don't want to read the Newsletter online, there is a print option, which opens a full PDF of the edition, which you can print and read at your leisure. read more...

Committee Information and News

The ELTA Website - A Work in Progress

Comment from the Members


Warmers and Fillers

Christine Schrempp puts us through our paces with activities to keep our students limber.

Telling Tall Tales

Lorcan Flynn, on drawing the stories out of your students

Working smart - a revolution in our pockets

Kay von Randow takes us through her method for creating teaching resources quickly and easily, whilst sitting on the balcony with a hot cup of coffee.

Teaching Sandwich-Style

Bert Kerstin whets our appetite with fresh ideas for old problems

Making Sandwiches - experiences with the Sandwich-Style teaching

“Please, Sir. May I have some more?”

Karina Kellermann, on biting off more you can chew, or her experience with the sandwich principle

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The How-to Exam Section

Teaching to the Test - the Cambridge Use of English Exams

Fiona Way and Judith Ellis provide ideas and advice for training students for the exams, or how to use exam training as a teaching tool

Hot Potato

Four-lettered Friends

Francis Martyn goes places where others dare not tread

Past Events

Elephants in the Classroom

Andreas Grundtvig on hedging

From Fear to Freedom

Liz Jolliffe and Helen Smith on ways to teach vocabulary

Christmas Party 2011

Upcoming Events

ELTA-Rhine Activities

Lit Group


Grammar Group

External Events

Book Reviews

Teaching Tools Review

Training Page

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