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What you have already missed over the last few years

These events were sponsored by ELTA-Rhine.


1st December

Small Talk: Making introverts’ voices heard in the language classroom

Speaker: Alastair Roy

3rd November

Writing Activities for Film and Video

Speaker: Kieran Donaghy

15th September

ELTA Rhine Swap Shop

Cancelled due to low registration.

23rd June

The English Language Show

Speaker: John Hudson

28th April

Transactional Analysis in Coaching: Different Strokes for Different Folkes

Speaker: Karen Passmore

24th February


The English Language Show

Speaker: John Hudson

CANCELLED to be rescheduled


2nd December

Key Technologies that impact teaching and learning Speaker: Russell Stannard

4th November

How can we make grammar instruction more motivating for learners at higher levels?

Speaker: Sarah Leek

9th September

In collaboration with OUP

Blending and Flipping your BE Coursebook

Critical thinking in Business English

Speaker: John Hughes author of Business Result

24th June

Members' Day

Speakers: James Chamberlain, Karen Passmore, Lisa Olschewski, Erica Williams

21st April

Future-proofing Business English

Speaker: Mike Hogan

11th February


Mind Mapping in the English Language Classroom

Speaker: Ron Morrain


3rd December

TED talks and the challenges of teaching proficient learners with National Geographic Cengage

Speaker: Tim Phillips

20th November

Digital Day in Düsseldorf: A joint event with OUP

Speaker: Pete Sharma

15th October

Why am I misunderstood? Why don’t I understand?

Speaker: Ian Badger

17th September

The ABCs of Testing

Speaker: Theresa Gorman

2nd July

The Coaching Approach

Speaker: Liz Jolliffe

11th June

DADA Machine or Let’s (Re) Imagine the Classroom

Speaker: Roy Bicknell

21st May

Analyzing Culture, Suspending Judgment

Speaker: Susan Holm

5th March

Social Responsibility in the Classroom

Speaker: Mandy Welfare

20th February

AGM and Panel Discussion on Migration


12th December

Grammar? Vocabulary? Grammulary! and Presentation skills for teachers

Speakers: Ania Kolbuszewska and Andrzej Stęsik

8th November

Show and Tell Lesson Exchange

Speaker: Helen Strong

10th October

The Words About Us: Catching and Coaxing the Language of our Environment

Speaker: Andreas Grundtvig

19th September

Joint event with Klett

Speaker: Carol Sheehan

29th August

Business on a Saturday in Düsseldorf

Speakers: Linda Kliem, Patrick Mustu, Angela Lloyd

27th June

NLP in Practice

Speaker: Marjorie Rosenberg

17th May

Effective Listening

Speaker: Ian Badger

25th April

Session One - The Emerging Adolescent Brain: Ages 12-24. How It Works and How to Work With It

Session Two - Making it Stick: How to Make Lessons and Language Memorable

Speaker: Dave Tucker

21st March

Commercial and legal aspects of life as a freelance teacher in Germany

Speaker: Patrick Mustu

28th February



Teach it Like TED

Speaker: Paula Mulanovic


6th December

Annual Christmas Party


Perspectives on Teaching in Company

Speaker: Evan Frendo

19th October

Joint Event with OUP

Speakers: Catherine Walter and Michael Swan

20th September

Excel 1.2

Speaker: Rob Beaudoin

28th August

Solving the Challenges of Business English

Speaker: Charles Rei

21st June

Effective Influencing

Speaker: Steve Flinders

29th March

Those Mad Men … & Women - an event about working in the marketing communications industry

Speaker: Erica Williams

2nd February 2014

A workshop in the use of Excel

Speaker: Rob Beaudoin

7th December 2013

Nudg nudge, wink wink - classroom activities for introducing indirectness strategies

Speaker: Andreas Grundtvig

17th November 2013

What can we teach in a minute? With a video it's a heck of a lot

Speaker: Vicki Hollett

12th October 2013

What are corpora and why are they so useful for business English teachers?

Speaker: Evan Frendo

14th September 2013

An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

With: Angela Tuckley and Dorte Bryndum

20th July 2013

Needs analysis; getting the most out of an undervalued tool

Speaker: Mike Hicks

29th June 2013

Joint ELTA Rhine and Oxford University Press Day: focus on English for Academic Purposes

Speaker: Louis Rogers

25th May 2013

English grammar is (a) easy (b) difficult?

Grammar or speaking? Or Grammar of speaking?

Speaker: Scott Thornbury

20th April 2013

Beyond the communicative approach; chaos and dynamism in ELT

Speaker: Maurice Claypole

What you always wanted to know about teaching English but were afraid to ask

Speaker: Ann Claypole

16th March 2013

AGM followed by an event:

Technology in and outside the English classroom: What? Why? How?

Speaker: Anna Csiky

26th January 2013

David Hockney Art talk

Speaker: Karla Schlaepfer-Karst

ELTA Rhine Workshop für Mitglieder

8th December 2012

December Event and Christmas Party

Divya Brochier and Brad Patterson

The Conversation Boost Using Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

24th November 2012

Scott Thornbury

Cancelled - will be rebooked

20th October 2012

Ideas swap shop

25th August 2012

Mike Hogan

21st Century learners (How can teachers cope with the changing needs and learning styles of our learners?)

Stimulating Business English learners though simulations and authentic business input

24th June 2012

Vicki Hollett

Business English as a Lingua Franca

12th May 2012

Evan Frendo

Research in Business English - where are we, where do we need to go?

Framework materials

28th April 2012

OUP Publisher's Day

John Hughes and Andrew Mallett

Using video in Business English

Presentation skills training: the language problem

17 March 2012


Marcus Koch:

Who is afraid of the big G? Teaching grammar to adults

14th January 2012

Karen Richardson:

Making ‘real’ articles accessible to English language learners

ELTA Rhine Workshop für Mitglieder

10 December 2011

Annual Christmas party

Lorcan Flynn:


5 November 2011

Andreas Grundtvig:

Elephants in the classroom - a problem of hedging

15 October 2011

Liz Jolliffe and Helen Smith:

What's the word? How to deal with vocabulary

10 September 2011

The members of ELTA-Rhine:

Members' Day

Christine Burgmer and Kerstin Brandes:

The Art of … professionalising your language training business

16 July 2011

Kai Martin Nickel:

Tax issues for freelance English teachers in Germany

18 June 2011

James Schofield:

Fast, fluent and confident

21 May 2011

Evan Frendo:

Kill two birds with one stone

ELTA Rhine Workshop für Mitglieder

19 March 2011

Andreas Grundvigt:

Grundvigt on Grundvigt

20 February 2011

Literature Group discussed Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie

19 February 2011

Marjorie Rosenberg:

Teaching so that learners can learn + ELTA-Rhine e.V. AGM

22 January 2011

Dr. Petra Pointner:

How to teach with Twitter – Practical teaching ideas for the Business English classroom

11 December 2010

Annual Christmas Party

Dr. Ron Mendez-Morrain: Task-based Learning (TBL)