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This is the new-look ELTA-Rhine - fresh and modern and reflecting the spirit of community which makes our organisation so strong. Our new logo, on the top left-hand side of the page, represents a seal of quality: the quality of our members and the professionality of their work.

What does this mean?

The new ELTA-Rhine website has been designed with up-to-date capabilities for interaction within our organisation as well as with the world at large. The new website is made up of two areas: the Open Area, visible to the general public and containing information about ELTA-Rhine and a new improved Find-a-Trainer section; and a new closed Community Area, where our members can interact, accesss and download useful resources, and get access to archival resources and the current Newsletter.

Where is the Community Area?

The new system will be fully functional by the end of 2011, with the Community Area due to be online in December, and the first edition of the new HTML Newsletter to be published shortly after that.

All members will shortly be sent an email invitation asking them to register in preparation for this area of the site going online. This is very easy and will only take you a minute or two. The information will also be sent out on the E-List.

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The photographer Britta Schüßling in action taking the photos for this site


The capabilities of the Community Area will complement the E-list, which will remain a central communication tool for ELTA-Rhine. We look forward to a continued interesting and energetic exchange of views and ideas.

Find a Trainer

The Find-a-Trainer profiles from the old website have been transferred to the new one. It is now possible to search for a trainer by city/area, name or other keywords. If you wish to update your profile at this stage, or to create one please contact Rosemary Bloy. Eventually you will be able to make these changes yourself.


From December onwards the newsletter will be sent to you as an email, but you will only be able to read part of the text in the email itself. To read the whole newsletter you click on the links and will be sent to the website. You do, however, need to be registered on the website to do this. More details in Where is the Community area?

Let us know

We hope there will be minimal technical hitches with the new site, but growing pains are always possible. If you have any technical problems or would like to tell us something else, please let us know.